The Artists & Sculptors of the 2011 McMichael Autumn Art Sale

Over 210 Artists & Sculptors applied to be a part of this year’s 21st Annual Volunteer run Art Sale, and it’s gratifying to see how many talented individuals there are out there. Our jury had the unbelievably difficult task of selecting the cream of the crop, and these are the successful applicants. Thanks to all those who applied, and congratulations to those who made it in.

Congratulations to this year’s top artists. Peter Rotter was Best in Show (for the second year in a row), Florence Chik-Lau was our Top Sculptor, and our Top Ten group included Mike Smalley, Jeremy Browne, Tim Packer (Best in Show 2007/2008), Deborah Gibson, Janet Bailey, Lorne Winters, Doris Pontieri (Best in Show 2006), Stephen Yau, and Jamie MacLean.


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Name Desc Website
Janet Bailey Top 10 Artist
Allan Beckley Returning Artist
Mark Berens Returning Artist
Sheila Britton New Artist
Jeremy Browne Top 10 Artist
Florence Chik-Lau Top Sculptor
Claustro (Carol Currie and Stuart Leggett) Returning Artist
Lynda Cunningham Returning Artist
Alan Darling New Artist
Jerre Davidson New Artist
John Day New Artist
Larry Deacon Returning Artist
Martin Foley Returning Artist
Gretta Gibney New Artist
Deborah Gibson Top 10 Artist
Susan Gosevitz New Artist
Margo Gracey New Artist
Dianne Green New Artist
Robert Hinves New Artist
Elva Hook Returning Artist
Clint Jammer New Artist
Jamie Jardine New Artist
Jon Jarro New Artist
Roxanne Jervis Returning Artist
Yaeyul Kim New Artist
Kenneth Kirsch Returning Artist
Anna Kutishcheva Returning Artist
Sabine Liva New Artist
Jamie Maclean Top 10 Artist
Hugh McKenzie Returning Artist
Billy-Jack Milligan New Artist
Catherine Mills New Artist
Joanne Mitchell Returning Artist
Sylvia Naylor New Artist
Tim Packer Top 10 Artist
Christine Paige New Artist
Doris Pontieri Top 10 Artist
Peter Rotter Top Artist
Joe Sampson Returning Artist
Teresa Seaton Returning Artist
Mike Smalley Top 10 Artist
Mike Smith New Artist
Beverly Stewart Returning Artist
Glenna Treasure New Artist
Margarethe Vanderpas Returning Artist
Lorne Winters Top 10 Artist
A Wishart New Artist
Stephen Yau Top 10 Artist
Michael Zarowsky Returning Artist
Jack Zhou New Artist